UAV design and testing

  • Design and build of prototype aircraft including HAPS
  • Flight dynamics, including Hardware-in-the-Loop (HITL) and Software-in-the-Loop (SITL) test and flight simulation
  • Control system tuning
  • Flight trials preparation and support
  • Flight data analysis and reporting
  • Propeller performance and motor matching
  • Atmospheric and meteorological data analysis
View down the centre of a section of carbon composite spar, held between thumb and finger
Sine wave on blue background

Bespoke modelling and simulation

  • Novel energy storage systems (battery, solar, hydrogen)
  • Simulink, Matlab and Python simulation
  • Non-linear structural vibration modelling
  • Aeroelastic analysis and modelling
  • Streamlined low-drag cable and tether design
  • Structural modelling
  • Quantification and modelling of uncertainty