Limosaero was founded in 2020 by Hilary Costello and Graham Spelman. The name Limosaero is inspired by the bird Limosa Lapponica (bar-tailed godwit) which holds the record for non-stop flight, flying for an astonishing 11 days straight.

Portrait photo of Limosaero co-founder Hilary Costello

Dr. Hilary Costello

Limosaero Co-Founder

Engineer with a background focusing on early-stage emerging technology. Hilary has experience in solar and hydrogen powered aircraft, high-altitude aerospace, unmanned systems and renewable energy. She also has a passion for science communication and outreach.

Portrait photo of Limosaero co-founder Graham Spelman

Dr. Graham Spelman

Limosaero Co-Founder

An expert in structural dynamics and aeronautics, Graham is experienced in industrial R&D in fields ranging from lightweight solar-UAVs to heavy-industry gas turbine design.

He enjoys flying gliders in his spare time and is a British Gliding Association accredited instructor.

Portrait photo of Limosaero operations advisor Andy Jude

Andrew Jude

Operations Manager

Aeronautical engineer, former commercial pilot, and a compliance specialist in aviation regulation. With 30 years experience in defence and aerospace projects, Andrew has a more recent background in drone R&D with a current focus on long endurance technologies and platforms.

He dedicates much of his spare time to the preservation of our engineering heritage, both as an engineer and driver of various steam engines.

Portrait photo of Limosaero commercial advisor Andy Jude

Alvin Lam

Limosaero Commercial Advisor

Experienced professional in commercial and growth strategy, with a career of business strategy in market leading companies including Google and Samsung.

Alvin has led planning, partnerships and category launches of products across life stages; from infancy technology to products in saturated markets. He has enhanced organisations' growth trajectory through business transformation.

In his free time, he has a passion for cycling.